Kathy Hochul's catastrophic admission

Earlier this week, New York's Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul accidentally admitted who's running her state. Earlier this week, Hochul lifted New York's statewide mask mandate. Unfortunately for parents, Gov. Hochul's lifting of NY's mask mandate comes with an asterisk.

The mask mandate ended for adults on Feb. 8 of this week. The mask mandate for children remains intact. Presumably, that means vulnerable seniors aren't required to wear masks. Meanwhile, children who are virtually indestructible in the face of COVID are still required to mask up. In what universe does that make sense?

Actually, this makes perfect sense from a political perspective. Admittedly, though, it doesn't make any sense from a health standpoint. Let's start by examining this from a political standpoint. This makes perfect sense since parents votes while children don't. It makes additional political sense since children are under control of the Democrats' biggest contributor, aka the teachers unions. If Randi Weingarten tells Democrats to jump, Democrats reflexively ask how high?

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul lifted a statewide mask mandate Wednesday amid a battle over the rule’s legality and as a surge in Covid-19 infections continues to recede.

With infection numbers now trending down, Hochul said the "tremendous progress" has allowed the state to move into a "new phase." Hospitalizations also decreased 63 percent between Jan. 12 and Wednesday, which Hochul said increased confidence in the decision-making process.

"Why is all this happening? Because New Yorkers and businesses stepped up and did the right thing," Hochul said. "And I will always be grateful for them for being the reason these numbers have been declining."

This is happening because the teachers unions didn't give Gov. Hochul permission to lift the mask mandates in schools. Besides, kids can't vote. The thing is that the kids' parents vote and many of them will be upset. This news segment outlines the different hoops that New Yorkers must jump through to be mask-free:

If you're getting the impression that this isn't really a lifting of the mask mandate, don't fight that impression too hard. It's almost like Hochul did this for the splashy headlines.Question: did Hochul feel the pressure from this?
Also on Wednesday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced the state would lift its school mask mandates at the end of the month. Baker reasoned that increased access to vaccination, testing and the low risk for young people helps to mitigate the harm in school settings.

"Our kids have had to put up with a lot of disruption, a lot of time alone, and have suffered a real learning loss over the past two years," Baker said. "There's no debating those points, no matter where you stand."


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